I’m meant to
feel excited
to bend the rules
and do it my way.

“I’ve known Anne-Aafke Sol for about 10 years and have found her unfailingly amazing. Her intuitive grasp of the creative process and her ability to help others achieve their vision is constantly rewarding.  She is able to draw from her own experience as an actress, director, and writer, in order to empathically inspire her clients to reach toward their dreams and potential in what I believe is a unique manner.  She also carries grace with her – both inside and out; in fact, at one point I nicknamed her Lady of Heart and Soul and that seems to suit her perfectly. She is also a truly beautiful bad ass and wears a straw hat like nobody’s business.”

Alan Meyerson, Director of the American sitcom Friends

“Anne-Aafke is a tremendous coach. Even during our first session together, she had some amazing insights within 2 minutes, that helped me spot something within me I hadn’t noticed for a decade. The thing I love most about her coaching sessions is that they start off with a short conversation, ‘chit chat’, which feels like a huge hug, and immediately makes me feel welcome to discuss anything that comes along. And even when being coached on heavy shit, I can’t remember there was a session in which we didn’t laugh at least once. In each session I have mind-blowing insights, a feeling of being stretched to my limits, in the presence of a good old friend. To sum up: she’s the most insightful, welcoming, creative, pure, clear, powerful and downright funny coach. Love being coached by her!”

Ellen Poelman

“Anne-Aafke is warm, lively, and deeply intuitive, with a laugh in her voice like sunshine. She is highly conscious of the connection between mind and body, mind and heart, and keeps the client aware of what is happening in both parts of himself.  She creates a playful atmosphere in which strong metaphors emerge, and the conversation flows easily, as if unconscious of the strong underlying structure she brings. Change happens when she connects. She values the client and makes him feel it, putting him in his best light without flattery. I feel that she is a particularly gifted coach, at once structured and very creative, bringing heart and body together with the head”

Regan du Closel

“Anne-Aafke is someone who can live and think independently from all existing frameworks. I find that really inspiring. She’s all ears and attention, which makes her a great listener. Her fresh, healthy and optimistic energy is contagious. Thanks to her and the beautiful conversation we had in her vw-van (by the water in the wind), I decided to make a real go of my company. I took the leap and since then I have been flying with her wind beneath my wings.”

Sara Bruinsma, Sara Traint

“Anne-Aafke Sol is a unique, original thinker and creator. She inspires by looking at the creative process in a different way than others and by looking at what is needed for a new step or breakthrough. She has helped me many times to gain insights into what I create, what I want to achieve and what gets in my way. She is gold.”

Ronald Goedemondt, Comedian

“Anne-Aafke is genuinely interested and tunes in to what the other person needs. She knows how to touch the other person by identifying the core of the matter. Her intuition and knowledge of internal and practical processes really help you to move forward. You feel at home and understood by Anne-Aafke”

Emmy Hoogland, Groene Hart Coach

“Anne-Aafke is a creation doctor. She has a natural gift for detecting and transforming the imbalance in creative projects. She creates clarity. Does it flow or not flow, business-wise or creatively; Anne-Aafke resolves stagnation and brings your project back into alignment. What a relief.”

Caatje van Leeuwen, Sun Cat Productions

“When I speak to Anne-Aafke I feel like the gateway to my inner self is open. I feel no judgement and that she sees me. From her own place of connection, she is a lighthouse providing beams of light, insight and enticing questions to make my life’s journey even more interesting, fun and meaningful.

Sometimes I have a specific question and other times just have a doubt or feeling when we begin a call. Using this as a starting point, she peels back the ‘onion’ and goes with me to the core of the topic. After spending time there together, she often asks a question or gives a perspective that totally turns the topic upside down for me. I receive fresh energy and feel revived and empowered.

From this new state in myself, Anne-Aafke helps me form a specific plan or set of activities that will help me progress with the topic and achieve more of what I want. She is kind, joyous, open, wise and playful in her approach. It’s just magic spending time with her. But don’t get me wrong, I know there’s proven science behind it all; she’s just so skilled at delivering it ;-).”

Lorna Tasker

“The disarming openness and welcome with which you approach even the most stubborn emotions is something I have not encountered before. And believe me, I have done a lot of ‘clean-up jobs’ and had a lot help to do it! I send you many thanks. Through our joint work, I feel so much more wholeness and softness in myself, a wonderful gift.”

Cora van de Sande